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Cryptocurrency has long and confidently taken its place among other currencies. It is quite natural that its process began in the gaming sphere of activity. To date, many owners of online cryptocurrency casinos have expanded them, so they have received greater coverage of players. To date, there are 2 options for bitcoin casinos :

1.Old online casinos with integrated Bitcoin casino integrated into the existing software script.
2.Separate casinos in which fundamentally new software is introduced, and in which financial transactions are conducted exclusively with cryptocurrency.
Benefits for gambling casino players

Let’s look at what benefits a player receives in a casino by playing on bitcoins and what is necessary for such a game. Firstly, of course, one cannot ignore the tightening of the tax regime that has already been introduced in Belarus, in Ukraine and which will soon be introduced in Russia. Meanwhile, it is not yet possible to track cryptocurrency to tax authorities. Therefore, all the difficulties with financial means disappear: you can transfer it to a gaming account in a casino, place bets, if you are lucky, win, withdraw funds.

Let’s mention security too. Thanks to the use of cryptocurrencies, the process of interacting with a casino becomes as safe as possible thanks to the unique blockchain technology. Blockchain is a chain of transaction blocks. A system, thought out to the smallest detail, can secure the funds of the owner of the crypto-wallet, and thanks to unique passwords, it is almost impossible to crack.

In all other respects, the nuances of the game are no different from the previous ones: the set of games remains the same, the rules of the game do not change, the rules for withdrawing funds are almost the same everywhere. The number of bitcoin casinos is growing every month, so it is already possible to choose an online institution not on the basis of whether or not there is the opportunity to play on cryptocurrency, but according to other parameters: a set of games, the size of the welcome bonus, the number of announced promotions and tournaments held.

By the way, many online casinos for cryptocurrency do not provide free bonuses. They can be obtained only after registration at the institution after entering the first deposit. These initial or welcome bonuses are indeed quite generous. If you use them correctly, and even more so having experience in the game, you can win a sufficient amount of cryptographic currency with a welcome bonus.

The question of how to get funds for playing in a casino is no longer relevant today. Most exchangers already perform such operations. Including such a popular service as webmoney allows you to exchange any currency for bitcoin. To do this, it is enough to get a Bitcoin wallet and convert funds into it.

Let’s look at the advantages of playing in an online casino on cryptocurrency:

  • registration requires minimal information about the player;
  • a player can carry out any operations with an account from any country in the world;
  • lack of tax risks;
  • Withdrawal of funds is carried out through special cryptosystems, so the gambler does not need to provide any personal information: passport data or bank card information.
  • There is one more advantage of the cryptocurrency game, which can be considered separately. Transactions are carried out almost instantly, since the possibility of errors is minimized to a minimum. Cryptocurrency is an easier way to transfer funds between parties. Thanks to the use of virtual wallets, NFC, QR codes, funds are transferred in real time with a minimum of effort. In fact, this technology is faster and easier than traditional banking transactions. Therefore, the most valuable feature of this currency is the instantaneous transaction speed with a high level of protection.

    So, what cryptocurrencies do casinos accept today?

    In the first place in popularity, of course, Bitcoin, since 2015 for the first time they began to accept the famous Las Vegas casinos as payment. Literally immediately, cryptocurrency conquered the world of online gambling.
    Ethereum is in second place by popularity. Due to the simplicity of its application and its stable position in the cryptocurrency market, Ethereum is among the most popular cryptocurrencies in the gaming world.
    Cryptocurrency casinos are also actively using Litecoin – Ltc, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency known since 2011. Litecoin by its properties practically copies Bitcoin, but the transaction processing speed with this currency is 2.5 minutes, which is significantly faster than Bitcoin.
    Dogecoin – DOGE is another currency that can be found in large casinos.
    Mobile versions of cryptocurrency casinos

    The vast majority of online casino sites have their own mobile versions, as more and more players do what they love wherever possible: in lines, in traffic jams, on vacation, etc. Therefore, more and more Android casinos have begun accepting cryptocurrencies also quality of payment. In such mobile versions, players can also access almost all kinds of games.

    As the only drawback of playing a cryptocurrency casino, you can only mention the moment that you can not hold it in your hands. However, if you translate into cash, then the crunch of banknotes will surely reassure the player.

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