How to Win Money in Slot Machines – Schemes and Secrets

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The queen of a casino used to be roulette. In connection with the release of a new law on the illegalization of this business, we can safely say that most players use slot machines online casinos. Not everyone adheres to fair play. Almost everyone uses a variety of methods that allow you to “raise” quite large amounts with minimal investment. How to win in slot machines so that your account is not banned and you can withdraw your winnings?


Is it possible to win at slot machines

In Russia, all casinos are closed. Gambling enthusiasts still have the opportunity to prove themselves online. Before, there were few fraudulent paths, since all the player’s actions were strictly controlled by guards and cameras. Remote play opens up a ton of possibilities. You need to use them skillfully. Otherwise, the user’s account will be blocked without the right to withdraw funds on the balance sheet.


When calculating the probability of winning for each player, online slot machines take into account several fundamental criteria:

Slot machine balance – if the previous player lost well, then the probability of winning increases significantly.
Amount of replenishment of the game account – the more a player invests, the more he can count on (no more than 50% of the deposit). In this case, the jackpot and other bonuses are not taken into account.
Percentage of return – this factor is the most significant. This criterion is established by the casino owner. Most often, the% return varies between 70-90%.

It turns out that the layout of the characters is determined by the above factors. It should be understood that each slot has unique settings and works according to a predefined scheme. Determining the tactics of the game is almost impossible. Despite this, many players have learned to circumvent established restrictions and win large sums.

How to win money in slot machines

How to beat slot machines
How to win in slot machines? First you need to learn the basic principles of the game. The essence of this system is to bring profit to the owner. To learn how to beat slot machines, you should familiarize yourself with the main points.


Certain factors are of great importance:

Online casino reputation. Large and authoritative structures will not engage in deception. For the sake of a small amount, it is not profitable for them to lose new players.
Software. Owners using the software 1 × 2 Gaming and Microgaming can themselves wind up the percentage of return – from 0 to 100%. In the case of Playtech, the owner will not have such an opportunity. In this case, players are much more likely to get their “legitimate” winnings.

To win, you need to learn the secrets of the random number generator. It is about automatically detecting random numbers or their combinations. There is no probability theory that would help calculate the given numbers. In practice, other methods should be followed.

The generation process in the case of online machines is pseudo-random. The software is capable of analyzing about twenty million actions per second. The decision is made taking into account the fundamental factors listed above. Player participation in the game is an illusion. All moves and outcomes of the game are predetermined in advance. It doesn’t matter which card is selected – if programmed, the player will win, if not, he will lose.

How to beat slot machines? There are several strategies designed for a particular machine. Is it worth trusting such an opportunity or is it all fiction?
How to win in a pusher machine

What are pusher machines? This design is a small structure, on which there are prizes on the shelves – smartphones, iPhones, cameras, cameras, etc. Red lights blink randomly. If you press the button at the moment the light is on, the machine will pop out the prize and it will be in the tray from which the player can pick it up.

Beating a pusher machine is easy. It is only heavy from below and light from above. If you carefully tilt it – only 15-20 degrees, then all the prizes will go to the tray themselves. The rules of the game do not indicate that you cannot tilt it, so this method is completely legal.

Machine Trade Box

How to win at Trade Box online slot machines? In this case, we are talking about rates. For example, you can bet on the weather. The graph is displayed on the left of the screen. Do not assume that the victory will be on the side of the player. Of great importance in this case are the parameters of the asset and the amount of the bet placed. The principle is taken into account at each application and is maintained even during bonus games. If there are 12 cards in front of the player, then in the opened there will be a value favorable to the machine.

Loyal are machines on the Novomatic and Igrosoft platforms. The player must be aware – the more deposit he has made and the larger the bets, the better he can count on the best win.

Keymaster Assault Rifles

How to win at a casino with Keymaster slot machines? In this case, the schemes do not work. Use only official sources. They will not lose players cheating. All you can win is the money of the users who played in front of you. There is no need to assume that you can “raise” more than $ 10-20 per game.


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