Programming Error Found In Roulette In Software That Always Winner Will Be The Player

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Haven’t you wondered how the pros can always win at roulette and make a fortune with apparent ease? Then this site is in the right place! I will show you how to take advantage of the weakness of online roulette in a particular casino and make consistent money there. For me, roulette has always been a very fascinating game because at first glance it seemed impossible for a man to win constantly.

You would see things differently if you knew – like me – about a software bug that creates random numbers in an online casino bean. In this case, not by chance! If you know the weak point, you can easily take advantage of it to gain a home advantage.

How did this idea come about? About a year ago, I received a programming assignment from an online casino. Something appeared in the source code of the casino, which was not really clear to me. A certain event was programmed to never happen. Surely, the original intention of the designer was to avoid certain playing situations, thereby reducing the player’s winnings. Thus, the casino’s maximum loss will remain below certain limits. Interesting story….

What the original programmer did not know is that, by deviating from mathematical randomness, it gives the player the opportunity to gain a “positive home advantage” by saying that he should develop a roulette strategy that will always win the player. To date, the software vulnerability has not been fixed.

Why do I tell you at all? First, I used this weakness for myself to make the highest profit out of it. After I won the first € 20,000 I was banned from the game. How good would it be if…
Then I played on the account of my girlfriend and my relatives, saying that I only knew, announced and won as much money as I could. With over 100 accounts, I won a 6-digit amount in just 4 months. What a dream …

After a while I had no more friends or friends. a relative I can trust. So I got the idea to publish my roulette strategy on the internet for some consideration. This means: First of all, I ask you to keep the roulette strategy secret and if you win over € 5,000, donate $ 1,000. This can happen quickly, believe me! So at least both of us will benefit from the strategy. Please do not tell anyone that the strategies for the casinos will remain unknown for a long time. To make a donation, please use the paypal button at the bottom of the page. Please stay correct! Finally, I can sell a roulette strategy, but I think it’s better to just stay decent! (If the strategies no longer work, I will delete the site from the Internet immediately!)


Finding the weak point, if you don’t know it, is almost impossible. Casinos aren’t aware of it either. The software’s weak point is the “dozens of bets” (high / medium / low). To know what this kind of betting means, I’m sure and will explain the following to you:

1) This is the “low” bet. You win if any number comes out between 1 and 12.


2) This is the “medium” bet. You win if any number comes out between 13 and 24.
3) This is the “high” bet. You win if any number between 25 and 36 comes out.

An event that is programmed to never happen is to make a “high”, “medium” or “low” number not come out more often than in 16 consecutive rounds. In other words, the weak point in the programmed code is that at least one “high”, “medium” and “low” number must come out in 16 consecutive rounds. You’re sure how to take advantage of this, but please read on to be more successful and better.

Note: This vulnerability is 95% likely to be absent in practice mode because random numbers are generated locally by your computer and not by the casino server (For security reasons, this is only true mode).


As you might have guessed, this weakness is most effectively exploited with a progressive betting plan, providing enough capital for consecutive rounds and guaranteeing a lasting win. If you follow my instructions, you win every round between 1 and 3 euros, no matter how many numbers you lose.


It is best to print the next worksheet and keep your writing instruments handy. The page should look similar to the following:

Note exactly how the dozen bets sit at the table you are sitting on. It doesn’t make sense to blindly put it on any number. Act consistently. Think about how much you can win. In such cases, it is worth considering a complex strategy. Your task is to write down the number that came out after each spin:

a) ‘low number’ (L)

b) ‘middle number’ (M)

c) ‘high number’ (H)

d) ‘Zero’ (Zero)

Suppose you are sitting at a roulette table and turning the wheel ten times, and the numbers are 4, 11, 36, 14, 20, 25, 2, 33, 13, 16. In this case, your table would look like :

Explanation: 4 = L, 11 = L, 36 = H, 14 = M, 20 = M, 25 = H, 2 = L, 33 = H, 13 = M, 16 = M

Do not place any bets at the start of the game. This is very important! Now be patient! Turn the wheel forward and write down the dozens of numbers (L, M or H) that come out of your desk or table. if more than one player is sitting at a table, please wait for the others to bet and spin the wheel several times. (Note: The first download link requires you to select the multiplayer table because in single player mode you cannot spin the wheel without wagering. Links 2 and 3 are no longer valid, see bottom of page). Wait for one of the dozens to come out in 5 consecutive rounds. By doing this, you can avoid an overly expensive 16-step plan and use only the affordable 11-step plan as you will see.

Suppose now that the following numbers come out: 32 (= H), 17 (= M). In this case, your table looks like this:

According to this, there was no “low” (L) number in 5 consecutive rounds. (Note: look at the last 5 rounds: H, M, M, H, M)
Now it’s time for you to bet on a “low” (L) dozen (If the middle dozen didn’t come out in the last 5 rounds, put M or H if “high” “Has not yet appeared).
Now follow the betting plan shown. Focus and stay focused on the plan, because this is very important right now. This is the only way to ensure that you always win to win, no matter when the dozen you put in come out.

(Roulette betting plan)- Continue with the example above. Now place your bet on the lower (low) section of the board (as you can see in the column called Stake). Turn the wheel.- If a low number comes out (congratulations!) You have just won € 2. Now start over again. (Put on the L, M or H dozen that didn’t come out in the last 5 rounds, you may have to wait until the bet is made!) If you don’t win, don’t worry, make it to the second half of the plan ( 2 euros), low.- If you have won now, you have also won the previous lost stake and have won € 3. Now start over again. If you don’t win, no problem, put the plan in third place (3 euros), low and more…- Place bets until you win and then start over again. If you do this and follow the plan shown on the left, you will never lose, you will always win money when a dozen come out. This works because:1) You have a progressive betting plan that guarantees you will always win in the end, even if you have lost first, and2) Each dozen wins at least once in 16 consecutive rounds (see my explanation)I know these winnings are not a huge amount of money, but think that you can make almost 90 stakes in one hour and that means more than 90 euros per hour.

Turn to money management: the numbers in the betting plan are recommended for a capital bet of 150 to 250 euros. After you have successfully raised your money (or you really want to start it now), add another zero to the table values ​​for the $ 1,000 total. The betting stakes are as follows: 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 90, 130, 200, 300, 450, 670. The advantage is that you earn € 10-30 directly in each round you win, so you earn ten times the same amount in the same time compared to a basic strategy. But it is good to note that at that time approx. You have to place between 800 and 1000 euros.

If it’s not really clear, it’s okay to read it again and then you will understand everything.

It’s so easy with these roulette strategies! Now that you know how to take advantage of the weak point, let’s focus on the crucial point: where can this roulette strategy be used at all? What online casinos do you operate at all?


Now you know the roulette strategy, you just need to know where to apply it to win money directly. Some casinos work with the same casino software and the same version that I have found and tried. Based on my personal experience, I will be constantly presenting on this site casinos where the strategies work.

Simply click on the link below, install the free casino software and pay around. € 200-250 you will need for a progressive betting plan and successful system.

Of course, I can’t promise you how long it will work, but I’ll keep updating this site and deleting casinos that have problems! The casinos I listed here have strategies in place!
My suggestion: act fast, for whoever comes early finds gold! If the casinos fix the weak point, I will close this web site, which means, as long as you can call this page, the weak point still exists.

Keep in mind: For security reasons, the casino server only generates random numbers in real money mode. This means that the weak point exists only in the circles generated by the casino server in real mode, not in the circles generated by your computer in the real mode.

Important Note: Choose a roulette table with a minimum bet of $ 1. 10 cent tables usually don’t work. I recommend that you play at least 3-4 of the listed casinos in order not to impress with your prize. If you need to select a language for the installation, please select “English”. Activate the fast roulette mode to play faster after downloading the software.

That’s all you have to do to win with this online roulette strategy. If something fails, it’s because you probably haven’t followed my instructions exactly. You may still not believe it is possible, but it’s best to just try it. Then you can see for yourself. If you’re skeptical, consider that if casinos fix a weakness before you start playing, you have a 1: 1 / (25/37) ^ 16 chance, or 1: 530 in a random round without a weak point, that a single dozens will not come out in 16 consecutive rounds. In other words, you would still have a 99.8% chance of winning (not 100%, but almost).

Keep in mind that I will only make a donation for this roulette strategy if I am convinced of the success of my discovery. I think that’s fair! Just be fair to you and think about giving away if you win 2000 or more a day with my roulette strategy. Otherwise, roulette strategies are completely legal and you do not break any rule or law. Please send an email only if you want to clarify something very important. Otherwise, I can only advise you not to ask many questions, but to give it a try.


-> Verified Casino Software # 1 <-

-> Verified Casino Software # 2 <-

-> Verified Casino Software # 3 <-

Casino Software No. 4 (Stops Working)

-> Verified Casino Software No. 5 <-

-> Verified Casino Software No. 6 <-

(verified 29/12/201929/12/2019, just click here to start the download. Use only verified casinos!)

Please Mac users, use the flash version.


1) Do not play more than half an hour at a table. After that time, the game seems to be getting tougher. Take a 2-minute break and then return to the table.

2) Don’t want too much, as this is the most common mistake a player can make. He calls for discipline. Aim for a daily limit and stick to it. Don’t win more than $ 1,000 a day to get a head start.

3) If you want to win more than $ 500-1000 a day with a roulette strategy, I recommend that you log in to more than the casinos available on this site. This way you divide your winnings across multiple casinos. In this case, the starting capital is a little higher because you have to pay 150-200 euros in each casino.

4) Play roulette strategy exactly, do not try to change or play in another casino that I do not control.


1) The table limit is not high enough. How do I use my strategy?

>> The table limit only applies to individual numbers and not to dozens of bets. Therefore, you can safely ignore the desktop limit, no problem with the strategy.

2) How do I deal with zeros?

>> Don’t ignore the zeros. Count them as H, M or L. If, for example, L, 0, M, H, H, M comes out, you can now start making a bet on L.

3) Important, what currency do I play in?

>> No, feel free to use the Euro, British Pounds or US Dollars.

4) Does your roulette strategy work at any casino?

>> No! Strategies only work with one particular type of software. Use exclusively the software I recommend for download on this site!

5) Does your roulette strategy work in a real casino?

>> No. The roulette strategies explained on this page apply only to online casinos, including those I’ve reviewed and mentioned on this page.

6) Which roulette version is best for me?

>> The version does not matter, because the operation of roulette strategies depends on random numbers and not on what version you play. I can recommend European roulette or French roulette (€ 1 minimum bet) as this combination produces the best results. Do not play the American version (two zeros).

7) I don’t have 200 euros right now. How can I still use my roulette strategy?

>> So that instead of 5 there is no “low” circle in 7 consecutive rounds. Only then does it begin by placing a bet. This will skip the expensive rounds mentioned in the betting plan so you will need less starting capital. Perhaps it can be a little annoying that you always have to wait a long time and, of course, earn less. I recommend that you start with at least € 100.

8) I don’t know how to pay. What should I do?

>> There are a variety of payment options available at the casino cashier, from basic transfer to credit card payment. There are even more options. If in doubt, check out Google.

9) How does my prize payout work?

>> Usually you get your money back the way you made it (unless you choose another form of payment). For example, if you paid with a credit card, you would reload the credit card with the casino prize. Your winnings are then immediately available. It is up to you when you want to transfer the winnings back to your account.

10) Can I receive a sign-up bonus?

>> Yes. You get the regular bonus and you get approx. You can pay for it after 3 days (about 2 hours of play per day) as it takes about a while to complete the Wager Requirement.


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